Save The Date: Our First Regional Event

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  • Published May 20, 2018
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We are so excited to be launching our new Regional Events for Innov8tive Nutrition! More details are on the way, but we want to make sure if you’re in the Northwest Region you save the date to attend your Regional Event!

Sunday Success Call May 16th

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  • Published May 19, 2018
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We’re hosting another informative Success Call tonight for our entire company to stay updated on what’s going on here at Innov8tive! Bring a friend and listen in tonight!

Product Spotlight: New Innov8tive Skin Eye Cream

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  • Published May 18, 2018
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The product we were most excited to launch in our Innov8tive Skin line was our Innov8tive Skin Eye Cream. Our lab spent weeks perfecting the formula, and we’re so proud of what we’ve created for you. The Eye Cream’s benefits are:


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & crow’s feet
  • Combats dark circles, brightening the eye area
  • Smooths and evens skin tone and texture
  • Provides nourishing moisture to restore elasticity
  • Reduces puffiness

Click the button below to order your eye cream, along with the Day and Night Cream.

New Promoter Tools to Build Your Business

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  • Published May 17, 2018
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We got some great feedback from our Compliance Session at Convention, and we heard what our team needs for their businesses loud and clear! We’ve been hard at work creating some helpful flyers and worksheets for our Promoters to use for their businesses, and we’ve loaded them all in the Promoter Tools Section of our site! Click the button below to be taken to Promoter Tools and download everything you need to grow your Innov8tive Business!

Product Spotlight: Innov8tive Day Cream

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  • Published May 16, 2018
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Our new Innov8tive Skin Renewal Day Cream is getting rave reviews from our Convention Attendees who have been using it since it was released at Convention! The Day Cream’s benefits are:

It nourishes & hydrates the skin

Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

Provides superior hydration

Helps improve elasticity

Smooths and evens the complexion

Aids in reduction of 
 inflammation & redness

Order yours today to improve the look and feel of your skin!

Elev8 Convention: Saturday General Session

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  • Published May 15, 2018
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Our final day at Convention had some wonderful surprises in store, one of which was our new Innov8tive Skin Line! We also had some fabulous speakers like Vanessa Hunter’s keynote of Women’s Empowerment, Rosemary Watson & Lachelle Via’s Social Media Q & A, and Steve Schulz Keynote. We’d love to hear about your favorite part of the Saturday’s General Session!

Product Spotlight: Innov8tive Skin Renewal Night Cream

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  • Published May 14, 2018
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We are so excited about our new Innov8tive Skin Renewal Night Cream! Perfect for both men & women, we’ve formulated a cream that

•Increases skin hydration by 20%

•Promotes skin clarity by 40%

•Diminishes the appearance of age spots

•Reduces the appearance of fine lines 
 & wrinkles

•Promotes elasticity

•Has a soothing cucumber fragrance

Order yours today to start seeing transformative results!

Elev8 Convention : Oscar Night Awards Ceremony

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  • Published May 13, 2018
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Our Awards Ceremony was Oscar themed, and there were dozens of awards given out to so many of our amazing promoters. From the Social Media Elev8tor award to the Promoter of the Year award, the hard work of the winners were recognized that night.

Elev8 Convention: Friday General Session

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  • Published May 12, 2018
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The very first day of training was so incredibly powerful, especially being MC’d by Steve Schultz! One of our favorite parts of the Session was seeing all the dramatic transformations of our Customers & Promoters using the Success Spray Weight Loss! We can’t wait to share the full video of the Parade of Weight Loss here on the blog with you!

New Product Alert : Innov8tive Complete Sample Packs!

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  • Published May 11, 2018
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Last year at our Convention we released our Sweet Dreams & Invigor8 Energy Drink Sample Pack that has been one of our biggest sellers and best tools for our Promoters. THIS year, Heidi, our CEO gave us another amazing tool to sell our products- a new sample pack of our Liquid Vitamin Innov8tive Complete!

You can shop now by logging into your Customer Account or requesting a Promoter Number if you’ve never shopped with us before!

Click To Sign In To Your Account

Elev8 Convention | The Swag Shop

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  • Published May 10, 2018
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Special Pricing for the 2019 Exceler8 Convention in Las Vegas

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  • Published May 9, 2018
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New Special Pricing through Sunday, May 13th! We’re giving everyone in the company an opportunity to get tickets to our 2019 Convention in Las Vegas at the best possible rate! From now through Sunday at midnight you can pick up your tickets for just $119 each for the Exceler8 Convention in Last Vegas March 6-9, 2019!

New Product Launch: Innov8tive Skin

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  • Published May 8, 2018
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One of the biggest surprises that were released at the Elev8 Convention was our brand new Skincare Line, Innov8tive Skin! Scroll through the slides to see the details of our new products.

Elev8 Convention | The VIP Party

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  • Published May 7, 2018
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We kicked off our Elev8 Convention Weekend with our VIP Cocktail Party on Thursday Evening! Our VIP’s had to earn their way here, they couldn’t just buy VIP tickets. They worked so hard to get their VIP perks, and we had the best time celebrating them at our Cocktail Party.

Just Announced : Our 2019 Exceler8 Convention

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  • Published May 6, 2018
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Innov8tive Nutrition Founder and CEO, Heidi Whitehair invites you to join her, along with the Innov8tive Nutrition Corporate Team and the most knowledgable and influential speakers in the network marketing profession, for a weekend of personal and professional growth. In addition to bonding with your Innov8tive Tribe, you will walk away with new skills that will catapult your business forward, ensuring maximum success! This is a must attend event for ALL!

March 6-9, 2019 

Innov8tive Nutrition’s 2019 Convention,

EXCELER8 YOUR Business to the next level!

SPECIAL $99 per Ticket

(unlimited tickets)

This Pricing ends at Midnight, PST on May 6th, 2018


Early Bird Pricing 
After this SPECIAL DEAL will be
$159 per ticket or
$1,250 for a bundle of 10 tickets ($125 each. All 10 must be purchased together)

Further details will be released in the coming weeks and months!

Elev8 is here!

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  • Published May 1, 2018
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We have our Annual Innov8tive Nutrition Convention in just three days, and we can’t wait to see everyone in our team. We have so many amazing people coming and sharing their stories with us about their experiences of convention.

The best part about Elev8 this year is going to be seeing all the new faces that will be attending their first convention EVER with us in Dallas! It’s still not too late to join us, especially if you are brand new to the company!


Click the link below to get your tickets while you still can- you won’t want to miss this experience!

Convention Dress Code

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  • Published April 26, 2018
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We have so much going on during Convention time, we want choosing what to wear to be the least stressful as possible! We’ve created this handy little Dress Code Guide for you in case you don’t know what to pack!

Elev8 Convention Speakers

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  • Published April 15, 2018
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Our CEO Heidi always has something amazing up her sleeve, and this year we are having some fantastic speakers come to Elev8 in Dallas to motiv8 everyone and take us all to the next level in our businesses!

Heidi Whitehair, CEO

Heidi Whitehair, former Day Care Provider and mom of three is a top Network Marketing Professional from Seattle, Washington. She has spent the past 19 years in her industry where she became a seven-figure income earner.  Heidi has developed proven systems and business practices that she’s perfected over the years. Her passion is to help others succeed, realize their dreams and teach them to believe in themselves. She loves traveling around the country training and supporting her incredible team. 

Network Marketing has truly been a life-changing opportunity that has given her family an abundance of opportunities as well as giving her the experience, knowledge and confidence to launch her own company, Innov8tive Nutrition, in 2016.

Rosemary Watson

Rosemary Watson is a Swiss Army Knife for Creative Entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses in this new digital age. She helps clients one on one and in training she offers make clear who they are, what they sell, and find more clients. She loves social media, especially Instagram, but believes that every contact point with your customers needs to be a seamless experience to delight them. She lives in a suburb of Phoenix with her six kids, husband, and lots and lots of animals. She spends her days drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes for as long as Starbucks will sell them to her, and working with the best clients on earth.

Dr. Carrie Carda

Dr. Carrie Carda has been a practicing MD for 19 years obtaining additional training in hormone therapy for both men and women.  Nearly ten years ago she advanced her practice to include board certification in anti-aging medicine and earned a Masters from the University of South Florida School of Medicine in Metabolic medicine and nutrition.  Her practice is now focused on metabolic medicine, anti-aging, and she runs a successful weight loss center. 

Her knowledge base of herbal medicine and alternative medical therapies is extensive.  She recently obtained another Master’s Degree at George Washington University to become board certified in Integrative medicine, in an attempt to mix traditional western medicine with ancient eastern practices and ideology. 

She resides in Poplar Bluff Missouri with her three teenagers and continues a full time busy medical/surgical and metabolic practice.  Her passion for over a decade has been optimizing the human body through clean living, and disease prevention.  She believes this can only be accomplished by education and supplementation to the population on a large scale, which is what brings her to Innov8tive Nutrition.

Jenifer Grace

Jenifer Grace is responsible for the legal and operational aspects of LaCore Enterprises and it’s affiliates. She enjoys learning both the new aspects of each business, as well as, each area of the law involved with its operation and protection. Protective of both the team, and the operations, Jenifer’s conservative nature is a perfect fit.

Although originally born in Gary Indiana, Jenifer grew up among the mountains of Reno Nevada. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Nevada Reno, and then gained her Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University School of Law in 2000. Contact Jenifer at

Lachelle Via

Lachelle Via is a graphic designer with a particular love for Art Deco and Art Nouveau. She worked in the magazine industry for over a decade and now helps clients build their own brands through her company Charming Ink. 

Lachelle creates  the graphic content for Innov8tive Nutrition — designing social media graphics and marketing materials for promoters. You can contact Lachelle at

Vanessa Hunter

Vanessa Hunter is a dynamic sales, marketing and operations professional, with over 25 years of experience in network marketing, including consumer product development, sales, marketing, field leadership and public relations.

An expert in operations analysis and organizational efficiency, she is tenacious in her quest for streamlining processes and creating tools and systems that empower others to achieve their greatest success.  Vanessa relies on her extensive experience to provide ongoing support, training, motivation and mentorship to various clients within the network marketing profession.

Steve Schulz

Steve Schulz is an international public figure in the MLM industry with years of experience and stories of success.  He has been working in the networking industry for 27 years. When he was first introduced to the industry, he was full time school teacher who was not making enough money to do the things he wanted to do for his family. After working his business part-time {3-5 hours per week} for about a year, his wife Colleen left her teaching position and about a year and a half later, Steve left his. He went on to build an organization of more than a 170,000 Independent Representatives and has earned more than 17 million dollars in the industry. 

As the author of the book; Yes, Sometimes It Is About The Money, he has a passion for helping others achieve the success he has experienced in this industry and will be bringing his insight, expertise and humor to the Innov8tive Nutrition stage as both our Master of Ceremonies and Keynote Speaker. 

Join us at Convention to hear these amazing speakers at!

Win Free Tickets & Airfare for TWO

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  • Published April 1, 2018
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**UPDATE** Congratulations to Sunshine Heldstab for winning this Challenge! We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas!

Our CEO is at it again! She’s got a brand new contest to push everyone to get as many front line promoters to convention as possible. She’s offering two tickets AND airfare to the 2019 Spring Innov8tive Nutrition Convention!

We’ll be announcing the location of the 2019 Convention at Elev8 in May, so don’t miss your chance to win big for next year!

National Sleep Week!

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  • Published March 11, 2018
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Now THIS is a holiday we can get behind! National Sleep Week brings awareness to all the health benefits of getting enough rest, and there’s hands down no better way to get a good night’s sleep than our specially formulated Sweet Dreams Sleep Formula.



The New Innov8tive Success Center

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  • Published March 8, 2018
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Our new Innov8tive Success Center is so beautiful and the best place our Influencers can host their weekly meetings. We love seeing your Success Center photos on Social Media- be sure to tag us at #innov8tivesuccesscenter so we can watch you rock your meetings!

The Road To Convention

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  • Published March 1, 2018
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Heidi is back to share more about what we need to know for the Elev8 Convention in Dallas May 3-5 2018! If you haven’t grabbed your tickets, be sure to do so as soon as possible to get the best price you can at

Happy Valentines Day

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  • Published February 14, 2018
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A reminder this Valentines Day to love the body you live in. We hope that every day Innov8tive Nutrition helps you do this.


Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday: Sandra Mosteller lost 13 pounds in one month on the Innov8tive Success Spray program. Time for smaller clothes!


New Video! Success Spray

If you’re wondering why everyone is talking about the new Success Spray Diet Assist, you’ll see why in our latest video. See how this Innov8tive product can be a game changer to help you with weight management.

Motiv8tion Monday

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  • Published January 29, 2018
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Motiv8tion Monday: Be the best version of YOU.


National Irish Coffee Day

It’s National Irish Coffee Day! Celebrate with this low carb, keto-friendly recipe.


  • 6 oz coffee
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar substitute (stevia or splenda)
  • 1 1/2 oz whiskey
  • 1/8 cup heavy cream


Warm whiskey in a saucepan and stir in sweetener and coffee until hot (not boiling)
In small bowl beat heavy cream until soft peaks form
Pour coffee mixture into mug and top with cream

Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday: Day 21 marks the halfway point of the Success Spray program, and so far Stephanie has lost 5.8 lbs and 8.25 inches! Look how loose that shirt is now!

Motiv8tion Monday

Motiv8tion Monday: STOP holding yourself back. If you aren’t happy, make a change. Innov8tive nutrition can help you make that change.


New Package!

New Year, New You, NEW PACKAGE! We have a new Recharge and Restore Package that contains three Gr8 products in one package: Biotics Pre/Pro Enzymes, Invigor8 Energy Drink and Sweet Dreams Sleep Formula! This makes ordering so easy if you regularly use these products.